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Reinvent Yourself:
Discover the Rewards of Overseas Internship

Internship has become an integral part in higher education. Students

learn better and faster when they go through practical training in

companies before graduating from universities. Better still, overseas

internship offers students a chance to be exposed to other cultures at

placement.  As a result, King Mongkut’s University of Technology

Thonburi (KMUTT) in 2017 initiated the Taiwan-KMUTT Internship

Program (TKIP) with the following aims:


  • Exchange of internship students between KMUTT and selected universities in Taiwan in research labs and KMUTT-affiliated companies.


  • Cultural exchanges and cross-learning between KMUTT and Taiwanese students


The establishment of TKIP is very timely, as the new Taiwanese government elected in 2016 has a new strategic “Southbound Policy” aimed at increasing cooperation and collaboration, both in academics and in trades, with neighboring countries to Taiwan’s south. As such, the Ministry of Education (MoE) of Taiwan has seen a significant increase in its budget that will fund more Taiwanese students who wish to do internship in overseas countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

Downloadables (application, flyer, booklets, and FAQs):


Application Form          TKIP Flyer            TKIP 1.0 (2017)          TKIP 2.0 (2018)          TKIP 3.0 (2019)          TKIP 4.0 (2023)              FAQs

Below are steps involved in applying to TKIP 2024:

TKIP Logos.jpg


Contact your Advising Professors or OIA


First, speak to your academic advisors to express an interest in joining TKIP, or contact your Office of International Affairs (OIA) for more information.


Await an Official Announcement from KMUTT's OIA


KMUTT's OIA will officially announce your enrollment in TKIP with an acceptance letter mailed or sent to your academic advisor. The letter will specify your internship placement along with conditions associated with your placement.


Prepare your Academic Portfolio


TKIP will need a copy of your CV/resume, transcript, standardized English test scores (such as TOEIC, IELTS, IBT, etc.), if any, and passport, which you could submit to your academic advisor.


Apply for a Visa to Enter Thailand at Thai Consulate in Taipei


Finally, with the help of your academic advisor or OIA, apply for a visa at Thai Consulate to stay in Thailand for 2 months during July-August. You will need to submit KMUTT's TKIP acceptance letter along with any other documents stipulated by the Thai Consulate when applying for the visa.


Complete a Short TKIP Application 


Please download a copy of the TKIP application, complete it, and submit it to your academic advisor along with your academic portfolio, all in pdf format.


Pack your Bag and Get Ready for an Adventure of a Lifetime in Thailand.


Here is an early welcome to Thailand, the Land of Smiles, for all TKIP-bound Taiwanese students by KMUTT and all of its OIA staff.

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