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LNG601: Foundation English for International Programs

Academic Year 2016 - Summer

This course is taught by foreigner lecturers in the School of Liberal Arts at KMUTT.  This course is the first step towards imparting ChEPS students with soft skills in English proficiency.  The training will involve all aspects of English, including grammar, writing, and oral presentation.


LNG601 will be begin on Tuesday June 7 (9 am - noon) and end on Monday July 4.  The class will be held at Room SoLA314 of SoLA Building (School of Liberal Arts).


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NOTE: Starting with Academic Year 2021, ChEPS no longer offers the summer school as part of its curriculum. Hence, ChEPS' academic year now starts in mid-August. As a result, the total number of credit hours in ChEPS has been reduced from 49 to 37.
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