IR-ChEPS stands for Industrial-Research ChEPS, a new initiative created in 2014 in collaboration with SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd. (SCG-Chem).  IR-ChEPS is a special track in the ChEPS program.  In contrast to those in the regular track, students put into the IR-ChEPS track will see their 2nd-year thesis project and site projects combined into one 12-month research project.  In other words, IR-ChEPS students' practical training or internship will consist of one single project that is sponsored by SCG-Chem. Moreover, while normal site projects involve a team of 2 students, IR-ChEPS projects are based on individual efforts.


Here are some additional facts about IR-ChEPS:


1. IR-ChEPS students are interned in Rayong and live in free housing provided by SCG-Chem for 12 months starting during the first week of June.  As a result, these students will be able to move out of their dormitories during their second year in ChEPS.


2. Each IR-ChEPS student will receive a monthly stipend of 10,000 baht for 12 months.


3. IR-ChEPS students are supervised by ChEPS Rayong Site Director.  However, a KMUTT professor will be also be assigned to oversee the technical aspects of each project.


4. In terms of course registration, IR-ChEPS will need to register for CHE790, CHE791, and CHE792 just like any other students in the regular track in Semeter 1 and Semester 2 of their second year.  Furthermore, grades based on the students' performance will be assigned in CHE791 and CHE792.


5. Each year, a total of 4 - 6 IR-ChEPS projects are sponsored by SCG-Chem.  All ChEPS students, regardless of their scholarship status, are eligible to apply for IR-ChEPS.  ChEPS students who express interest in the IR-ChEPS track will be interviewed and selected by SCG-Chem based on the company's requirements and criteria.  ChEPS will have no say or influence in this decision-making.  The interview usually takes place a few months before the beginning of IR-ChEPS projects in June.



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