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The Chemical Engineering Practice School (ChEPS) Program at King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) is a two-year international program leading to a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering. This intensive yet practical program was developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which has successfully operated the practice school concept in the USA since 1916. ChEPS was officially launched in early 1997. The program emphasizes close ties and partnerships with industries, with funding and resources from:


  • Suksapattana Foundation

  • National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)

  • Petroleum Institute of Thailand (PTIT)

  • Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO), formerly National Energy Policy Office (NEPO)

  • Thai Oil Public Co., Ltd.

  • SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd.

  • PTT Global Chemical Public Co., Ltd.

  • Esso Exploration and Production Khorat Inc. and ExxonMobil Limited

  • PTT Research and Technology Institute


The ChEPS curriculum consists of spending one year of graduate course work on campus, one semester of individual research projects also on campus, and one semester in the second year on-site working in teams on technical projects. The practice school fosters:


  • Fundamentals of chemical engineering

  • Problem-solving skills and engineering judgement

  • Organization and planning

  • Leadership and teamwork

  • Communication skills, both verbal and written

  • Engineering economics and management


The motivation behind the ChEPS program is to produce high quality professional chemical engineers with a strong command of English to serve the local chemical industry as well as any joint ventures. The major strengths of ChEPS graduates lie in their practical training which enables them to apply fundamental theories to


  • Troubleshoot plant operations

  • Minimize energy consumptions

  • Reduce waste emissions and waste treatment costs

  • Lower production costs


Remember our slogan: "The trained man wins and practice makes perfect."

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