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ChEPS Thesis-Related Forms and Documents


All ChEPS students are responsible for preparing the forms and documents needed for their research thesis presentations, such as the proposal, the progress, and the final defense presentations. The forms that are frequently used by ChEPS students for various purposes are listed below.(and can be downloaded in .doc format)


















Special Research Project Selection Form

To indicate your first, second, and third choice of the 6-credit-hour thesis project in the second year

Thesis Committee Confirmation Form

To fill out the names and contact information about the thesis committee members

Committee Contact Information Form

Needed to confirm with committee members the date/time of each presentation via their signatures

Bor 1 (บ. 1) Form

Needed for the thesis proposal presentation

Bor 2 (บ. 2) Form

Needed for the thesis progress presentations including the final presentation (not the actual defense)

Bor 3/1 (บ. 3/1) Form

Needed to assessment the quality of the thesis and its oral defense

Wor-Sor 1 (วศ. 1) Form

Needed to request Bor 3 Form from the Faculty of Engineering for the thesis defense

Special Research Project Evaluation Form

To be given to your advisor and committee members for evaluating your thesis progress and presentation

Thesis Submission Form

A check-list of steps involved in submitting the final report of a thesis

Debt Clearance Form (ใบปลอดหนี้)

To be signed by ChEPS and ChE faculties before a student is allowed to graduate

Copyright Transfer Agreement Form

A document to transfer the ownership right to KMUTT

Student Profile Form

A document to anecdote students' academic performance as well as other achievements

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