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Special Lecturers from ThaiOil for CHE643


CHE643, titled Petroleum and Petrochemical Process Chemistry, consists of three parts as follows:


  • Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry, taught by Dr. Nonsee Nimitsiriwat.


  • Fundamentals of Organo-metallic chemistry, taught by Assoc. Prof. Roderick Bates from Nanyang Technology University, Singapore.


  • Fundamentals of Refinery Process, taught by technologists and managers from ThaiOil, whose profiles are shown here.

Khun Chatapong Wungtanagorn

Executive Vice President, Corporate Commercial


Khun Jeerawat Pattanasomsit

Vice President, Manufacturing

Acting Vice President, Refinery


Khun Banchong Lertrojanachoosit

Technologist (HCU-1/2, PSA-2)

E-mail :

Khun Teerachate Boonphayoong

Research and Development Manager


Khun Nuttapon Meerit

Vice President, Special Assignment


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