Special Lecturers from ThaiOil for CHE643


CHE643, titled Petroleum and Petrochemical Process Chemistry, consists of three parts as follows:


  • Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry, taught by Dr. Nonsee Nimitsiriwat.


  • Fundamentals of Organo-metallic chemistry, taught by Assoc. Prof. Roderick Bates from Nanyang Technology University, Singapore.


  • Fundamentals of Refinery Process, taught by technologists and managers from ThaiOil, whose profiles are shown here.

Khun Chatapong Wungtanagorn

Executive Vice President, Corporate Commercial

Email: chatapong@thaioilgroup.com

Khun Jeerawat Pattanasomsit

Vice President, Manufacturing

Acting Vice President, Refinery

Email: jeerawat@thaioilgroup.com

Khun Banchong Lertrojanachoosit

Technologist (HCU-1/2, PSA-2)

E-mail : banchong@thaioilgroup.com

Khun Teerachate Boonphayoong

Research and Development Manager

Email: teerachate@thaioilgroup.com

Khun Nuttapon Meerit

Vice President, Special Assignment

Email: nuttapon@thaioilgroup.com

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