CHE654: Computer Applications for Chemical Engineering Practice

Academic Year 2017 - Summer

This course is taught by Dr. Paritta Prayoonyong from Mahidol University.  The aim of the course is to train ChEPS students in the fundamentals of process simulation, which is a crucial skill for process engineers. Many thesis and site projects will involve process simulation.  Students will learn how to use Pro/II and Hysim in this course.

Practice Problems

In addition to homework and exercise problems assigned by the class instructor, students can download a copy of Dr. Hong-ming's "Practice Problems for Chemical Process Simulation".  This document contains a large collection of chemical processes and are ideal for students who wish to practice their simulation skills using either Pro/II, Hysim, or A+.

References and Papers Related to Chemical Process Simulation

The following papers/references related to process simulation can be downloaded here:


1. DownloadA+ Getting Started - Building and Running a Process Model (Version 8.4)

2. Download: Is Process Simulation Used Effectively in ChE Courses?

3. Download: Don't Gamble with Your Physical Properties

4. Download: Don't Let Recycle Streams Stymie Your Simulations

5. Download: Uncovering the Realities of Simulation, Part 1

6. Download: Uncovering the Realities of Simulation, Part 2


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