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CHE654: Computer Applications for Chemical Engineering Practice

Academic Year 2020 - Summer

This course is taught by Asst. Prof. Dr. Hong-ming Ku.  The aim of the course is to train ChEPS students in the fundamentals of process simulation, which is a crucial skill for process engineers. Many thesis and site projects will involve process simulation.  Students will learn the fundamentals of process simulation and how to use Aspen Plus in this course.

Download the course syllabus here.

A+ Slides: 

Section 1: Introduction - 1-slide-per-page, 2-slides-per-page, 4-slides-per-page

Section 2: Output Files & Miscellaneous topics - 1-slide-per-page, 2-slides-per-page, 4-slides-per-page

Section 3: Unit Operation Models - 1-slide-per-page, 2-slides-per-page, 4-slides-per-page

Section 4: Rigorous Distillation RADFRAC - 1-slide-per-page, 2-slides-per-page, 4-slides-per-page

Section 5: Sensitivity Analysis - 1-slide-per-page, 2-slides-per-page, 4-slides-per-page

Section 6: Design Spec & Calculator Blocks - 1-slide-per-page, 2-slides-per-page, 4-slides-per-page

Section 7: Physical Properties - 1-slide-per-page, 2-slides-per-page, 4-slides-per-page

Section 8: Flowsheet Convergence - 1-slide-per-page2-slides-per-page, 4-slides-per-page

Section 9: Workshops - 1-slide-per-page, 2-slides-per-page, 4-slides-per-page

Practice Problems

Download a copy of the "CHE654 Exercise Problems Version 2020" here. Your homework assignments will be selected from this exercise book as follows:

1. Homework Set 1: #2, #5, #7, #8, and #10. Download Answer Sheet 1 here.

2. Homework Set 2: #15, #17, and #20. Download Answer Sheet 2 here.

3. Homework Set 3: #21, #22, #24, and #26. Download Answer Sheet 3 here.

4. Homework Set 4: #27, #29, #30, #32, and #33. Download Answer Sheet 4 here.

5. Homework Set 5: #36, #39, #41, and #42. Download Answer Sheet 5 here.

6. Homework Set 6: #46, #47, #49, and #50. Download Answer Sheet 6 here.

Students must submit their homework to the course TA via Line or email along with the answer sheet for each homework set. If A+ work is involved, the A+ backup file (*.bkp) must be submitted as well.

References and Papers Related to Chemical Process Simulation

The following papers/references related to process simulation can be downloaded here:


1. DownloadA+ Getting Started - Building and Running a Process Model (Version 8.4)

2. Download: Is Process Simulation Used Effectively in ChE Courses?

3. Download: Don't Gamble with Your Physical Properties

4. Download: Don't Let Recycle Streams Stymie Your Simulations

5. Download: Uncovering the Realities of Simulation, Part 1

6. Download: Uncovering the Realities of Simulation, Part 2


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NOTE: Starting with Academic Year 2021, ChEPS no longer offers the summer school as part of its curriculum. Hence, ChEPS' academic year now starts in mid-August. As a result, the total number of credit hours in ChEPS has been reduced from 49 to 37.
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